Monday , August 15 2022

Details of the Qalioubiya Health Minister's tour to follow President's initiative "100 million health"


On Thursday morning, Dr. Hala Zayed, Health and Population Minister, visited the Qalubia government to inspect a number of study points of the President's initiative to eradicate C virus and detect non-communicable diseases under the "100 million health" slogan. citizens to the fullest.

Dr. Khaled Mujahid, spokesperson for the Ministry of Health and Population, said this tournament is within the Ministry of Health's intention to pursue the field of presidential initiative in a series of on-field visits to the governments of the first phase of the initiative .

He pointed out that the minister is scheduled to start the tour of the Kafr El-Jamal study unit, followed by the Sandion training center followed by the Sandion Health Center and ending the Qalyoub hospital tour, fever.

It is noteworthy that Qalyubia's government in the first phase government of the presidential initiative, which began in the first part of October in nine provinces, continues to operate by the end of November.

See hotline 15335 and for any questions your citizens ask about the locations of the survey or any obstacles you may encounter.

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