Wednesday , August 10 2022

Five allegations were known for al-Rehab student allegations of murder after being sent to the emergency


Prosecutor General Nabil Ahmed Sadiq ordered that the accused Ashraf Hamid Ali, his daughter and six other defendants (incarcerated) in a criminal case in this case,He said.

The Prosecutor's Office led the defendants, 5 allegations against 8 accused came as follows:.

1 premeditated murder.

2 Student al-Rehab kidnapped.

3 Counterfeiting in Official Publishers.

Evading court decisions of the accused Ashraf Hamid.

The theft of Rehab student objects.

The first accused pleaded guilty to this offense with the rest of the accused and represented how the offense was committed at the scene of the crime before the Prosecutor's Office.

All accused were charged with prosecution for a premeditated crime and the case was sent to the appeal court in Cairo for an urgent hearing to try the defendants.

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