Sunday , May 22 2022

Ford plans to detect unmanned cars to deliver orders


Ford's executive director revealed the company's self-development strategy and talked about how Ford will manage each of the elements needed to launch self-driving until 2021.

According to the site Engadget Ford has also collaborated with a number of supermarkets to use their own machines to deliver orders. The chief executive also presented a Ford Fusion vehicle with a self-test driving system in Miami.

The executive said Ford continues to work closely with the company Argo AI "With each of these services we are already able to manage and manage large fleets while addressing real mobility challenges, Ford is also working with other companies to find out what they need."

The CNBC CEO said Ford will launch auto-service to make money by investing $ 4 billion in technology development in 2023 but will not quickly recover all the money from selling its own cars.

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