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"Gaza Hashem" forms the future. Israel expands its domination sphere .. Arab! Facebook Facebook logo Talal Salman


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Tuesday, November 20, 2018 – 11:05 PM
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Tuesday, November 20, 2018 – 11:05 PM

If it was not for Gaza Hashem, forgotten by Arab Palestine, their case was holy and opened in an open tender between the Israeli enemy and his American sponsor, which turned him into the Arab weakness of his adversary and government … and relieving concessions in an attempt to "solve" any solution, even if the cost of Palestine's loss.
The authority that has no authority in the West Bank has its own decision, but it depends on the Israeli occupation, whose army is still strengthened by its state, by the current "power": the houses of resistance fighters classified as "terrorists," men and women are arrested, young, Ferocity of the occupation and its daily attacks on the Palestinian people.
And the American "mediator" is a true ally of the Israeli enemy, not only supplying him with destructive and secret weapons of his manufacture, airplanes, helicopters, tanks, and "intelligent missiles" that open the gates of the closed Arab capitals. .
Sultan Qaboos relied on neutralizing his authority from the Arab-Arab conflicts and from the conflict between some countries and others … His diplomacy has always advanced to play the role of mediator between "enemy brothers" or some of them in the Arabian Gulf and Iran and dealing with the issue of relations with the Israeli Conflict enemy with caution.
Suddenly, Arab citizens agreed to visit Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife at the exit door, saying that this visit comes in the context of strengthening relations with the Emirates in the Arabian Gulf, adding them with enthusiasm : The doors of the Arab world are now open to reconciliation with Israel, This rest secured the future!
Al-Ghaith came from Dubai, which Israel officially announced, that he would soon open a consulate in it. The Kingdom of Bahrain is expected to join soon, especially when the popular delegations visited the state of Israeli occupation under the pretext of praying at the Al-Aqsa Mosque.
But these scenes do not present the full picture of the Arab-Israeli conflict, called Palestine. There are solid daily blood facts that can not be erased or ignored.
Courageous resistance and great stability, Gaza Hashim, have become the last bastion of the Arab nation's will to resist Israeli aggression against its Palestinian people, continuous missiles, artillery and devastating rockets do not offer a university or a school. Gaza goes to the electrified lane that the Israeli enemy has set up between heart and eye, wearing "heavy weapons" on blessed stones to throw armed colonists and soldiers hidden in their tanks or rocket launchers.
Tomorrow's martyrs from the Gaza youth wear martyrs today and their wounded men who refuse to leave the ground and run to a "safe place" to quickly return to the confrontation field.
The Arabs sit on their coffins in front of the television screens watching the silence of the new massacre and others can read verses from the Holy Quran or Holy Scripture for the mercy of the martyrs … Then they sigh: The martyrs in Gaza, all of Palestine, All?
Benjamin Netanyahu returns from his official visit to Amman, glad to announce that most of the Arab world is open to him.
The new war against Gaza destroys the joy of this new conquest at the last point of the Arab Peninsula, especially since Defense Minister Lieberman chose the Gaza war as a way to compete with Netanyahu during the presidency of the occupation ministry and ordered the cities, camps as rocket platforms. Which is expected to have caused direct casualties within the Israeli entity and even interrupting missiles. It is the pride of the American industry and the barricade, which protects the entity of the enemy.
Have the kinship links between the Arab countries been broken and each country has decided to arrange its affairs and interests to the detriment of the Arab and Palestinian individuals?
Is the power of the Israeli enemy a guarantee for some Arab entities that have been established at the expense of the nation's dream of unity, unity, or solidarity, and this is the weakest faith?
The Arabs are now struggling with the Arabs: from Yemen to Syria, to Iraq, Libya, to the African part of the Arab world.
Arab countries generally buy more than the need to protect their entities, some legitimate and have historical significance, and others are artificial and inventive for external purposes and interests.
But the fact that many of the Arab countries have been "protected," guarded by the outside and sponsored because they reach certain interests or protect themselves … from their close relatives!
The United States of America (including Israel) is "the reference of the Arabs" to war and peace … now and in the future, knowing that it is about the Israeli entity, as if a strong US mandate planted in this Arab country changed its nature and identity makes it a simple geographical: the Middle East, "which has no people throughout its family history, no identity in the past or present, and no future, except the Israeli decision, which is the American decision.
The real question at this point: Where will the Arabs end? And what will be the end of their countries, exhausted and exhausted in the struggles between them, from Syria to Iraq, to ​​Yemen, Libya … etc.
Are they generally under the protection of America, which is America, which supplies Israel with the newest and most powerful weapons and supports the economy and opens closed capitals in the face of expansion to dominate all regions?
This is the problem, which will remain an open wound that bleeds the dignity of the nation and the future of its entities, which most have invented, and still confiscates its decision or controls it to this day?

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