Monday , September 26 2022

Ghanat «Pass» turns the life of his brother's wife into hell


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The Nasr family court filed a new incident with the death of his brother's wife because of her jealousy. He managed to take control of his brother and instigate his wife, beating the children in front of their children, and refusing to spend them.

The beginning of the differences was 6 years before their wedding in 5 days, when the bride went to the marriage apartment to prepare for marriage and was surprised by the sister of her husband who refuses to give the key to the apartment and tells her that she is responsible for the key up at her brother's marriage, and then decided not to close the marriage, He heard his mother's advice: "Her husband will be different after marriage," but the days have made her discover the personality and obedience of his sister's orders, which had become dominant in all aspects of his life.

The plaintiff, who works as a lawyer, said that after marriage she left her job and left home at the request of her husband, who left her in the first month and went to work in an Arab country. His sister for a week and I learned by chance that he was in Egypt, and when I accused him of not coming to see his son and to reassure him, he said that his sister needs him more than .

The plaintiff indicated that he had severely beaten him, and for the first time he forgave him and did not leave his marital home and betrayed the constant betrayal of hiding money and documents in his sister's apartment. She added that her sister was tortured by her brother, who called her child's police station while in the hospital to have her second child. She accused her of not having noticed the child and giving the child police a tape she took while she was in the hospital. And marital life lasted a few months, but the differences have steadily increased, in addition to attacks on her by her husband, so she decided to move away from him, where she asked him to divorce but refused, what led to the establishment of a maintenance request and a small scholarship, besides Eq A claim for damages and when the spouse found that the court had decided in its favor to feed a £ 2,000 per month meal, divorced in absence.

The applicant continued to prove the marital status of the house and succeeded in obtaining a decision to allow her apartment as an incubator for two children.

She pointed out that her divorce had filed a lawsuit to see the two children, and the court put her on Saturday at the Sahel Youth Center, but she was surprised to see his sister join him, and when she refused to attend to her, was caught by this woman who filed a complaint with the court in Nasr City. The vision of the two children with their father and during the vision sessions has always been to urge her older son to his sister not to give him toys so the mother decided to punish his son in the session of the last vision , to prevent him from accepting the gift of his father, the child continued to shout loudly, To take them, She tried to remove the mobile phone from her hands, but she severely beat her and wounded her face. The social assistant, responsible for recording the attendance of the parties, decided to prevent the aunt from seeing the vision of causing many problems and unrelatedness to the government.

The applicant concluded that she had not imagined the cruelty of her divorce over her children, that every week he and his sister participate and prove their presence in the book and refuse to take care of their children and stand by his sister as if they were torturing his children.

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