Sunday , May 22 2022

I saddled him so he did not raise doubts


Here's the details

A woman only used his elder brother's brother in an apartment in Suez and killed him for the financial differences between them.

The defendant said in her testimony – before the investigation – I needed urgent money, so I infiltrated my brother's apartment of elder brother, who lives alone in his place and when I asked for the money refused and he quarreled with him. He was calm without feeling and claimed to be sad when he discovered his son's body at his first visit, so nobody doubted in my case, but the detective discovered the incident .

The Suez Police Department received a letter from Mohammed A, 38, Reis Bahri, a resident of Faisal, who discovered his father's death 72 years ago in his al-Gharib district. The widow of the victim's brother, Amina M, aged 45, is a housewife and is resident of the same property.

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