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"Imam of terror" in the "enemy's bosom" … Masrawy


Sky News: "The Imam of Terrorism" in the "enemy's bosom"

02:23 PM

Sunday, November 11, 2018

In his opposition to his beliefs and reasons, "Imam of Terrorism," Anjam Chaudhry, was seen eating at McDonald 's Restaurant, according to Sky News.

Chaudhry, aged 51, was accompanied by his wife, Robana, when he took pictures of him as he ate at McDonald 's Restaurant on Friday.

"I do not know if she needs a meal, but she smiles," commented a movie commentator.

It was ironic that Chaudhry preached hatred for the West and its symbols, while he ate "burgers" and fried potatoes in one of the most prominent symbols of the West, according to the British newspaper Mirror.

Chaudhry was the head of the Muhajirun network, an extremist group on the Internet, but banned by the anti-terrorism law.

Chaudhry, who served half of his prison sentence, lives in northern London and has no right to leave by releasing from the Belmarsh prison, guarded in south-east London.

The British authorities accused Chaudhry of supporting the terrorist organization and that a British tribunal sentenced him to five and a half years in prison.

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