Sunday , November 28 2021

Obesity is a disease of age – Egypt now


    Dr. Khaled Hamdan Dr Khalid Hamdan, consultant for gastroenterology and obesity Dr Khaled Hamdan, a gastroenterology and obesity consultant from the United Arab Emirates, said that obesity has become a disease of age and is not limited to a certain category because it has become widespread in all categories, and the type of person varies depending on the infection, Which makes obesity one of the most serious diseases that can destroy our life in the current age.
Hamdan stressed that although there is a great awareness among the people about the media, audio or video and wild proliferation, there is some intransigence about the idea of ​​losing weight, maintaining a healthy diet.
He said one of the biggest indicators that can warn the explosion of the obesity problem now is the increase in the incidence of diabetes, who fears any doctor when he finds that a patient has started to increase the weight of the disease because obesity can cause many diseases, a disease Diabetes and heart are the most dangerous, and at the forefront.

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