Friday , March 31 2023

Pope Benedict XVI: "Every year, and you are well, all Egypt is fine."


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Pope Athanasus, the Pope of Alexandria, and the Patriarch of the Episcopal Congregation, said that the icons that were placed in the cathedral after its development are an open, open book that we can understand by looking at us.

"Every year, and you are good, and all of Egypt is well and in full swing and all officials are working to make progress in the state," Tawadros told TNA on Sunday evening, congratulating President Sisi on his birthday. .

The Pope said that "the equal opinion of all who live in the land of Egypt is the main reason for Egypt's progress." The president always says I am an Egyptian and a president for all the Egyptians. And in the recent statements of the President, who assert that those who worship, we do not worship, we enter it and that is the problem of the Creator. "

"I welcome their efforts to preserve the homeland and to preserve the land, the future and the life of all the Egyptians," he said.

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