Friday , September 30 2022

President of Kafr El-Sheikh University visits Germany to promote partnership with German universities


Dr. Majid Abdul Tawab Al-Qamri, President of Kafr El-Sheikh University, visited Germany for three days to support cooperation and scientific exchange between some German universities and Kafr El-Sheikh University.

During his visit, Al-Tawab met the Elminau University Technology Center and the Micro-Nano Center Center. The meeting was attended by a number of companies and institutions in Germany.

The University President discussed with the German side the ways of academic cooperation and the research partnership between the two nanotechnology universities through the preparation of a twinning partnership and agreement that was later signed. This includes the training of researchers, the organization of scientific meetings, the exchange of information and experiences. The establishment of a dual program in the field of nanotechnology allows the student to obtain a certificate both from the University of El Niño and from the Institute of Science and Nanotechnology at the University of Kafr El-Sheikh, in addition to marketing ideas and patents granted to companies to transform products.

President of the University of Kafr El-Sheikh said the University of Friedrich Schiller visited the city of Yan and discussed with the director of the Federal Institute of Bacteria at the University to promote joint research cooperation and the transition from the cooperation stage to the research partnership between the two universities and discussed the results of joint research funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Agreement to establish a scientific conference at the University of Kafr El-Sheikh next week to support the scientific cooperation between Germany and Egypt in the field of security and biosecurity.

The university president also discussed with the director of the institute the consolidation of the partnership between the two sides through a visit next week by a number of German researchers at the University of Kafr El-Sheikh to discuss the modalities of cooperation, the preparation of two projects nanoscience research and researchers at Kafr El-Sheikh University in the field of bioinformatics.

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