Saturday , May 28 2022

Saudi Arabia suspended the services of a former president of a renowned club due to "AIDS"


Media reports have said the Saudi authorities have recently suspended the services of a former club president in the western region until the presence of their own AIDS driver will be shipped out of the kingdom.

According to the Saudi Arabian electronic newspaper, police station Jarol received official letters from the competent authorities requesting the suspension of a businessman who previously ran a famous club in the western region until the driver's release, after discovering the lesion and his wife with HIV. Links

Sources explained that the driver's wife had completed her journey and that she had already left the country, but her husband was delayed and avoided the trip, which led to the suspension of the sponsor's services until the arrival and closure of the procedure.

The wife was infected with HIV after having undergone transfusions of contaminated blood during an operation outside the Kingdom, which was discovered by the Saudi authorities during the course – later on – renewed her residence, which asked her husband to undergo tests medical evidence that the virus has moved to him, according to sources. He said.

The injured wife ceased to leave with the two children about a month ago, while her husband, still in the fourth year, still avoids the proceedings in such cases.

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