Sunday , April 2 2023

She suffered from a rare disease and died in silence. The story of the joy of beauty made Sars Al-Layyan mourn.


Farah El-Gammal, a name that spread throughout the day on social networking sites Facebook to ask for prayers for her after her death, as a state of sadness prevailed between BOYS The city of Sars Al-Layyan in Menoufia Governorate after the death of their daughter Farah.

Farah suffered for years and wanted to be like her friend, going out into the streets to practice her natural life, but for years the disease would overcome her.

Farah discovered she had a rare disease after suffering from coma and frequent falls and visited dozens of doctors and the National Liver Institute, which confirmed she had a rare disease because her body produces more insulin than the normal body produces. .

Doctors diagnosed it as a rare condition that occurs in a small number of the world, and doctors decided to operate in an attempt to save it, as part of the pancreas was removed and solutions were taken all the time because it not to fall into a coma, which caused her to lose her normal life like her friends.

The suffering over the years ended with the death of the child Farah, who caused grief to all the people in her city, asking to pray for her with mercy and forgiveness.

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