Friday , May 20 2022

The Economic Commissioner responds to the President's initiative and begins to develop schools in Giza


Hisham Sultan wrote
He replied MP Mohamed Ali Abdel Hamid, the Deputy Economic Committee of the President's initiative to pay attention to the development of education, donated 520 places for school students in Giza.
He stressed the importance of community participation in reducing the intensity of students and improving the burden on parents, besides satisfying the needs of schools and developing the educational process, in implementing the initiative of the President of the Republic.
"The Undersecretary of the Economic Committee stressed the importance of providing a place for every student in the educational age, adding that this is a challenge facing society as a whole and not just decision-makers.
The Deputy stressed that the state's interest is now to improve the educational environment for students to increase their capacity to achieve academic achievements and to achieve the objectives of the educational system in modernizing the results.
He stressed "Member of the House of Representatives" about the importance of developing educational curriculum and technology introduction that praises the introduction of tablets in some schools as a first step because the interest in developing the thinking and mind of future generations of the most important challenges,.

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