Friday , March 31 2023

The final election phase at the University of Cairo ends with the election of a president and a student union student


The results of the election of the president and vice president of the Cairo University Students Union led to the victory of student Ahmed Ehab Abdalla at the Faculty of Law, as head of the Cairo University Students Union. Student Abdul Ghaffar from the Faculty of Arts, as Vice-President of the Union.

The secretaries and deputy secretaries of the seven higher education boards of the students were elected: the Family Committee, the Cultural Committee, the Sport Committee, the Technical Committee, the Social Committee, the Mobility Committee and the Scientific Committee.

The election took place by secret ballot, with the participation of 40 male and female students, representing the presidents and vice-presidents of the student trade unions at the faculties of the University of Cairo in the presence of Cairo University President Mohamed Osman El-Khasht, and Dr. Heba Noah, vice president of education and student affairs. Dr. Khalid Abdel Ghaffar, the minister of higher education and scientific research, witnessed the counting of votes.

Dr. Mohamed Osman El-Khasht, president of the University of Cairo, said in a speech that this group of university students in Cairo, representing 20 university colleges, participated in all stages of the election in a democratic and transparent manner.

"I expect the students to continue to practice democracy in their work for their colleagues and for the university," Al-Khasht congratulated the students who won the students' choices, noting that the student's university student process has seen a state of progress in relations, impartiality and integrity through the glass boxes.

Al-Khasht stressed that the new union is bound to put into practice student student activities, adding that the university will support the student union and give it all the necessary facilities according to their role in the next stage.

Al-Khasht added that all students have the right to run for election, saying the university is dealing with all of them equally, said: The University of Cairo is outside of sectarianism and political parties and is home to all Egyptians.

The president of the University of Cairo explained that the Enlightenment document of the University stipulates non-discrimination, explaining that the practice of the party exists and not in the university, underlining that the party at university leads to schisms.

Al-Khasht stressed that the university is a place of development and enlightenment, noting that democracy has organizational principles, underlining the fact that the university passed last year to the creativity contest because it provides the right environment for students to practice.

Al-Khasht noted the university's interest in university drama, adding interest in the orchestra and all the talents of the university in various activities.

He said that for the first time the student union of Cairo Bent University, Hind Abdul Ghaffar from the Faculty of Arts, is proof that students are in competition and that there is a democratic diversity in the electoral process, and university interest is the success of the electoral process among students.

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