Monday , August 15 2022

We are working to spread the true teachings of Islam to deal with extremism


Dr. Saleh Abbas, deputy Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, head of the Azhar Institutions sector, emphasized that Al-Azhar's role is not uninterrupted throughout the ages. It is working hard to purify Islamic heritage from any defect and to disseminate the correct teachings in its response to all allegations that offend Islam. Religious rights and retention.

He said in a statement on the 8 th graduation ceremony at the Sheikh Zayed Center for Teaching Arab for Non-Speakers – Al-Azhar cares about students coming from their arrival.

He added that Al-Azhar's relationship is not interrupted by the graduation of foreign students and their return to their country, and that there is complete monitoring of all expatriates who have obtained the Al-Azhar certificates in different countries to benefit from these students as the best flower ambassadors in their country spreading moderate and tolerant teachings against all extremism and extremism, Because they fluently speak the language, customs and traditions of the people of the country.

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