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Why does acne increase in winter?


Why does acne increase in winter?
Why does acne increase in winter?

Why does acne increase in winter? Why does acne increase in winter? We present today our new news through our knights network and starting with the most important news, why is acne growing in the winter?

Al-Fursan Network Contrary to everyone's conviction that spring and summer seasons increase their young pills, a recent study has confirmed that winter is a good season for raising bins.

The results of the study published by Time magazine indicate that low cold and dry temperatures can cause inflammation, which is one of the major pathogens to form acne caused by a type of skin oil called "sebum" that helps keep your skin moist and fresh True, most fat-producing glands are present in the area of ​​the forehead, nose and chin, making the area susceptible to blisters.

The study added that exposure to cold and dry air is one of many factors that can damage the skin barrier and promote inflammation, a problem for acne sufferers, and in the winter, when the skin is exposed to low levels of ultraviolet light, transformations bacterial and resulting immune system Spread of acne.

Oil-free moisturizing oils can help moisturize the skin to reduce moisture and prevent over-reaction of the skin against dry weather.

It is also advisable to slow down the importance of covering the face with a scarf or any other form of protection when facing the outside air at low temperatures as cold conditions can extract moisture from the skin and can also stimulate dermatitis.

Physicians have also highlighted the need not to neglect acne medications even in winter as this may lead to the transformation of skin care routine into degradation of things, but should not over-wash the skin in order not to exacerbate the effects of the winter drought.

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