Monday , March 20 2023

A joint tomb of 200 people discovered in Ethiopia, police say



ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) – Ethiopian state-affiliated broadcasters say the police have found a mass grave of 200 people in the troubled area between Oromia and the Somalia region.

Fana Broadcasting reported Thursday evening that the police conducted a court investigation to prove the existence of alleged abuses by loyal forces to the former Somali region's president, Abdi Mohammed, who is now in detention.

The Fana report said police were given 14 days to discover and do forensic examinations on the 200 estimated bodies that were found.

The organs seem to be linked to a series of ethnic confrontations by an unofficial militia known as Liyu, who was loyal to the leader of the former Somali region. In August, Ethiopian officials said Liyu carried out an attack that killed 41 people and injured another 20 people. Human Rights Watch accused Liyu of performing a brutal and relentless pattern of abuse, torture, rape and humiliation in the region.

Several hundred people were also killed when Somalis and Oromos faced border areas on landing claims and other resources from previous months.

A series of ethnic conflicts broke out across Ethiopia, presenting Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's most serious challenge since he came to power in April.

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