Wednesday , May 31 2023

Premier League fans criticize "extraordinarily unpopular" a $ 6.4 million pay to the CEO


Richard Scudamore is about to give up the Premier League, but the 59-year-old will receive a $ 6.4 million handshake.

The payment will be made from the 20 clubs in the league and will be distributed over the next three years as Scudamore continues to be a Premier League adviser.

"It was vital that a comprehensive set of non-compete clauses be extended to ensure the best possible protection for the future Premier League," the organization said in a statement.

With the exception of the payment, he did not get off the floor with those who fill the week of the week with the Premier League stadiums.

"It seems that clubs can get their hands on the back of the couch and find 250,000 pounds [$320,000] at a time, "said the Federation of Football Supporters in a statement.

"Fans strongly oppose" tight hands " [paid to Scudamore] and we urge clubs not to make a very unpopular decision with supporters. "

Scudamore has been in the Premier League since 1999.
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Fan groups in Tottenham, Chelsea and Bournemouth supported the statement made by the FSF, while the Liverpool supporters group, Spirit of Shankly, also criticized the win.

"However, the Premier League and the clubs are trying to dress today's decision, most supporters will look and think only one thing – greed," said in a statement. statement.

"The initial suggestion that clubs would put in every quarter of a million pounds would have been fairly met with rage and rage. While supporters have tribal loyalty, this issue has all been linked to condemnation."

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Guardian columnist Paul Wilson voiced opposition to a $ 6.4 million payment, saying he "marks the official end of 140-year-old football as a game of the people.

"The ostentatious nature of the package sends a terrible message to supporters struggling to cope with the cost of their season ticket or basic organizations that have to deal with inadequate facilities," Wilson wrote.
Scudamore spent 19 years in the role of president, who will now be divided into two with Susanna Dinnage, currently the global president of Discovery Animal Plant, taking over as executive director in early 2019.

A Premier League spokesman pointed out that paying to Scudamore is not a departure gift, but an exit contract for over three years.

"The decision was taken by the Audit and Remuneration Committee and the non-executive directors, supported and advised by the clubs," a statement said.

"It was agreed that it is crucial for the current success of the League that Richard's unique knowledge and experience remains available as a consultant.

"The payments are in recognition of the remarkable work that Richard has achieved over the past 19 years. The Premier League would like to thank Richard for his outstanding contribution to the League's success."

However, could Scudamore's advisory role create problems for Dinnage?

"They talked to someone who knows the end of the CEO of the building, they made two interesting points: non-compete clauses are the rich standard and usually a condition of the pension agreement, and the new chief executives do not want to be consulted by their predecessors, wrote Press Matt Slater of the Association. "It was a gift of departure."

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In Scudamore, Premier League global television contracts have fallen in price, rising from $ 870 million, when 59 years of age passed over 20 years ago to over $ 6 billion now.

The new offers from 2019-2022 are estimated to be worth $ 10.8 billion.

The decision to grant Scudamore over the next three years was supported by many club owners, with Chelsea President Bruce Buck, who also heads the Premier League Audit and Remuneration Committee, the first to suggest this move.

Tottenham owner Daniel Levy said he was "absolutely right" while co-owner West Ham David Gold said it was "very appropriate and we are very pleased. Clubs support the whole action that has been taken."

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