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a woman's victim of beefish aggression, open examination


New homophobic aggression in the capital. One test
after opening a woman said they were molested on Wednesday 31
In October. At the time of the facts, he kissed his companion in a bus stop that
In Paris, on Friday, November 2, they learned of the conciliation resources, confirming the
franceinfo information.

According to the police, this was born in 1972
he kissed his friend when a man pulled his hair out. because
to explain the reasons for the measure, and then sue this individual out
hurt. The victim was subjected to a 21-day interruption
full time (ITT).

The study was open "committed violence
the cause of sexual orientation
access to traffic
a group of passengers that resulted in more than eight days of ITT ",
determined the court source. Investigations were assigned to the Service
the 9th Arrondis Receipt and Proximity Survey (SAIP)
where the facts have taken place.

A series of homophobic attacks in Paris

On October 21, some of them 3000 people gathered
to end a series of homophobic attacks in the capital
last week. Several members of the government were present
through organized gatherings. On Monday, 29 October, President Emmanuel Macron condemned these attacks on Twitter as "France unworthy" and announced "concrete measures" in the future without
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