Saturday , August 13 2022

After the birth of a devoted child, she encourages women to listen to their bodies


Strong headaches, sight that is disturbed, tension that increases greatly and falls very low … For a pregnant woman, these are disturbing symptoms. This happened Kristy Wastonwhile she was 26 weeks pregnant. This 20-year-old Australian mother will see the doctor several times without further examination, telling her that she feels the normal symptoms of the pregnancy and that you should not worry about it …

Convinced that her condition is serious, Kristy Watson, charged with a child's miracle after having had three abortions, persists. He continues to go to the maternity hospital on a regular basis and even tries to get a second opinion in another hospital. Always have the same answer, she says CafeMom. Still, she was right to worry because she was suffering preeclampsia, a problem faced by some pregnant women, characterized by a high level of protein in the urine and high blood pressure, and which can have serious consequences for both the future child and his mother. Unfortunately, in her case, she was diagnosed too late.

At 32 weeks of pregnancy, she returns to her gynecologist for the same symptoms. Medical teams inform that they will be given an ultrasound, but they have to wait for the doctor is busy. "I felt they thought I was crying for the pregnancy, but actually I knew something was wrong", she remembers. A few hours later, she is sent home without ultrasound, offering her analgesics for her migraines. "It's been three days before I felt the baby move for the last time. Three days before I was told I had severe preeclampsia and my baby's heart was no longer beating. Three days before my delivery begins twelve hours before my son is dead. If only If only these would have done ultrasound that day to find a problem with my placenta. Had he only taken a blood test to realize how toxic he was really at this stage. I may not have changed things, but the thing is, I will never know. "says Kristy Watson.

The young woman decided to talk to Facebook and the media to tell her story. "I do not want to play the game of accusation, but to be neglected and ignored by those I have put my life in my hands, is not something I wish my greatest enemy. I want to draw attention so that no mother, no family can live that pain, be destroyed and know the loss I should live "she explains. After giving birth to her child, Kaycen named her on July 26, 2018, it took her long week for her body to recover from preeclampsia since she died almost in addition to having to cry. It also asks women and future mothers to listen to their instincts.

For this, she sends them a cordial call: "I want people to know my story, to let them know that when their instincts tell them something wrong, they have to fight for answers, go back and forth until I know what happened to make sure I'm now I have to go back home full of everything I needed to raise my little boy, an empty blanket where my son could never sleep, books I could never read, clothes on which I could never put, because I was not listening, now I go home empty-handed, with such a broken heart that it will take a long time to heal. Please listen to your bodies".

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