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Alibaba Group generates $ 30.8 billion in GMV (+ 27% vs. 2017)


Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE: BABA) reports a GMV record profit of $ 30.8 billion (213.5 billion yuan) on November 11, 2018. Growth by 27% versus 2017.

Daniel Zhang, Chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group, says:

"We have witnessed today the strength and potential of the Chinese economy driven by consumers who want to improve their everyday lives." "The participation of Alibaba's entire ecosystem has allowed our brand and our trading partners to engage with consumers like never before. Alibaba will continue to support the evolution towards the lifestyle and digital economy of tomorrow. "

The main moments of the Global Shopping Festival 11.11

The total amount (GMV) established through Alipay amounts to USD 30.8 billion (213.5 billion yuan), an increase of 27% compared to 2017

  • The Cainiao network processed more than one billion purchase orders
  • Over 180,000 participating brands
  • More than 40% of consumers have bought international goods and services
  • 237 brands have exceeded 14 million GMV brands, including international brands like Apple, Dyson, Kindle, Estée Lauder, Loreal, Nestle, Gap, Nike and Adidas
  • China's main sales countries: Japan, USA, South Korea, Australia and Germany
  • 230 countries and regions have been able to trade
  • Lazada joined 11.11 as part of the Alibaba ecosystem and allowed consumers in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam to attend the festival

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The operational results of the Alibaba Group presented in this press release are in yuan.

All conversions from yuan to USD are based on $ 1 for 6.9329 yuan, which is the central parity rate announced by the People's Bank of China (PBOC) on November 9, 2018. Figures presented in this release, including those related to GMV, are not audited. Subject to adjustments.

To learn more about the event, visit Twitter's official Alibaba Group account (, or on Alizila's media resource page, Alibaba corporate news site ( shopping festival/). Here you will find facts, key figures and content related to the 20.11 edition of 11.11, as well as a video.

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