Saturday , May 28 2022

Amazon called to abandon articles hit by Soviet symbols


27 MEPs urged the head of the Amazon not to sell objects bearing symbols of the Soviet regime, which made 60 million victims, they recall.

MEPs urged Amazon director Jeff Bezos on Friday to stop distributing Soviet symbols on the online sales platform, which, they say, offend victims of the regime. The call to the richest man in the world comes after US Walmart retail giant promised in September not to distribute hammer and sickle-style clothes to similar complaints.

60 million victims of the Soviet regime. In an open letter, 27 MEPs from 13 countries called for the "closure of the sale of goods with the hammer symbol and the sickle representing the Soviet Union on the Amazon Inc. platform." The authors of the call mention articles such as t-shirts, disguise suits, flags and souvenirs. MEPs point out that "the total number of victims of the Soviet regime is estimated at more than 60 million", not to mention "over 10 million people" deported to Siberian camps where they have suffered "inhuman conditions of forced labor, famine and physical violence ".

Amazon sells especially red jerseys with the hammer symbol and capitalized sickle in the Cyrillic alphabet "CCCP", which means "USSR", similar to what Walmart proposed. MEPs also said they "supported the decision of the German manufacturer of Adidas sports articles to stop selling Soviet symbols in May."

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