Tuesday , March 21 2023

At 36, she has her breasts and uterus removed because of (false) DNA tests


BAD SURPRISE – Very popular in the United States, DNA testing may appear on the edge of technology, but it hides many risks of reliability. A 36-year-old American woman pays the price: believing she is cancer-bearing, she took her breasts and uterus out. For nothing.

Prevention is a safe mother … But when it comes to having your breasts and the uterus removed to avoid cancer, do not just rely on the results of a DNA test. As Elisha, a young American witness in the Complément d 'enquête program, broadcast Thursday evening in France 2, you can regret it.

After seeing her mother die of cancer, Elisha performed a gene test, very popular in the United States, because it is free access. With a simple sample of saliva, laboratories promise to reveal the origins of your ancestors or your predispositions to certain diseases. The results indicate a high risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer: the doctor then proposes a preventative surgery, which he accepts.

In the following weeks, Elisha is operated on: no more uterus, ovaries or breasts. She is 36 years old and struggles to accept her body "mutilated, sacrificed" in her words, while she clings to the idea that she has made the right choice. Until a second doctor checks the results of a DNA test in a laboratory. This time, the results are negative, it is not and has never been prone to cancer potential. But it's too late. "You can not give me back my organs," she says.

Fifteen million people used a DNA test

This disaster scenario, Elisha is not the only one who lived in the other Atlantic. The contradictory results, the lies of the labs, the leakage of personal data, the risks are high. Tola Tarsissi and Elouane Martin journalists sign for Complément a report on the excesses of these DNA tests, sometimes unsafe, sometimes knowingly manipulated.

To order on the internet and to make home, they cost less than 100 euros and work with a simple saliva sample. According to FranceInfo, "fifteen million people in the world have already used these tests, banned in France."

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