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"Bébé du coffre": a second trial for Mother Séréna on the appel du parquet


The information revealed to be part of South Ouest on November 22, 2018 was confirmed by the civil society party: a second trial in the Séréna adventure, this little retrospective in the pantry of a car in October 2013.

On November 16, 2018, Rosa Maria Da Cruz was sentenced by the Cour d 'Assises of Corrèze to five years' imprisonment without any trois avec sursis pour violent mutilation or permanent disability of the southern mines for 15 years growing pair I followed some of the demands of the Advocate General who demanded eight years of imprisonment.

Selon maître Isabelle Faure-Roche, lawyer of the Corrèze Département Conseil, ad hoc administrator of petite fille, At least four years of firm anger as extremely amiable, leaving them unacceptable.

The second trial is likely I had to go in 2019, I went to Limoges.

Déni de grossesse or disimulation d 'enfant?

Lors du première procès qui arrive between 12 and 16 November 2018, deux lignes sigugé oppées: défense passed on the Court on the terrain du déesse de grossesse, a voucher prouver that Maria Da Cruz deserves the payment of the car I did not have the full conscience of this child . Civil parties and the general attorney will be strongly discouraged by the conscious dissimulation of a child under the conditions indicated here.

Séréna, 18, has already been revived in the voicemail of a visit to a Terrasson garage in Dordogne on October 25, 2013. The infatuation of malnutrition and dehydration. The study shows that the girl lives in the room and is settled in a separate room of the house. My mother was not aware of my greatness and I won in the greatest secret that many people do not realize I'm laughing.

Today, Sérena at the age of seven. He suffered a serious psychomotor delay. They are handicap is difficult, we rated 80% of the latest expert reports.

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