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Daniel Guichard from Olympia: 70 years old and still in the top of the bill!


For years, Mr. Guichard and the artist hat! It is in front of a public, certainly younger, but smarter than ever, that Daniel Guichard celebrated his 70th birthday on Wednesday 21 November at Olympia in Paris. An important chamber for the artist, because "here it all started," he remembers. Olympia was his first big stage in 1972, and in this legendary hall celebrated 40 years of career. And on Wednesday night, the star also celebrates 50 years of business!

For over two and a half hours, the song of popular song, accompanied by a dozen musicians and vocalists, gave its fans a rare and warm moment. And they did it well, as soon as they arrived on stage "Happy Birthday". "I love you," Daniel Guichard said, especially in form and speech.

"I will sing only songs of love"

In a happy atmosphere, between emotion and sincerity, the popular singer seduced Olympia as soon as he stepped on stage with The Indian. For a delighted audience and conquered in advance, he promises: "I will sing songs of love." Daniel Guichard is very close to his audience and is very proud to talk about his seven children. Among the four who work with him is Emmanuelle, the Corist and Gabriel, the other family musician who comes to accompany his father to the piano on some songs.

The audience finds 20 years old when it resumes in the first part of the show "Tenderness". With his blue eyes and his face carved on Charles Bronson on the stage, he has more than one charm.

A tribute to Charles Aznavour

We are delighted to discover Daniel Guichard with a great mouth and close tied to his freedom of tone and his artistic independence. On his favorite themes, love, sensitivity, passing time, nostalgia, injustice, he sang about thirty titles. His best-known songs, of course, and surprises, as well as the cover "More Blue than the Blue of Your Eyes" in a tribute to Charles Aznavour. It's here somewhere here. He was always there when we needed him, "he said.

On "I do not do anything, I rest," the public so wise, wakes up. He takes the chorus in his choir, throws his hands and hearths. The curtain falls, the end of the first part and during the interruption, the stars, Gerard Lenormand and Michel Drucker come to applaud their lover.

The Emotion of "My Elder"

It is with his huge success "The Gypsy" that Daniel Guichard begins the second part of his show. The audience responds and begins to warm up in the room. The fans who are many who know the lyrics on the heart are letting go and when "just like you" the singer hands his microphone, Olympia sings in unison. The artist does not hide his joy: "I love to hear you sing."

Even if she does not dress on an evening evening in Paris in an old costume, but with a very chic costume, when she begins to play "Mon vieux", there are many who have a tear in the eye. Her so special and warm voice captivates the room and 44 years later, the emotion is intact. Daniel Guichard lost his father when he was 15 years old. At the end of the song, the audience gets up.

"I laughed, I cried, we even danced a little on the armchair, a beautiful evening," he told us. Still moved Colette, aged 58, came with two "old friends". "And you saw, a beautiful man, that's so charming," she added.

For 70 years, Daniel Guichard offered a very beautiful evening to delight his fans. Late in the evening, a huge cake is brought to the stage. Happy the artist starts singing the "Party"!

Daniel Guichard is in concert at Olympia until November 25th. It will be from January 2019 on tour throughout France and Belgium.

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