Tuesday , January 19 2021

Dependence, deregulation of behavior, headaches … Tired sleeping pills

BAD DREAM – Whether it's a prescription or a sleep break, the sleeping pills are away from the harmless magic pills. In a series outside the series, the consumer magazine of 60 million users warns of their dangers, whether they are addictive or possible side effects.

In France, one in three people is sick or not sleeping enough. For good reason, I lost in my fifties 1h30 sleep a day. And to fall well into Morpheus's arms, ten million French people use their sleeping pills. On-the-counter or prescription, these are far from harmless.

In her latest special edition to appear on news stories Friday, November 9, 60 million consumers has studied with the help of specialists on the hidden side of these substances, which many studies claim to be far more effective than placebo.

Significant side effects

Currently there are three non-prescription sleep pills: Dornomyl, Lidene and Phenergan. Each can cause significant side effects. For example, Dornomyl has a long-lasting sedative effect. It takes about ten hours for the blood product to drop in half 60 million consumers. The risks of accidents caused by daytime drowsiness are therefore very real. Like Lidene, it may rarely exhibit disturbed vision or digestive disturbances (constipation). Phenergan may induce vertigo, poor coordination, or an allergic reaction such as photosensitisation.

With regard to prescription sleep pills, side effects should be taken again seriously. These may range from impaired concentration to sleepwalking, illusions and aggression to suicide attempts. Drinking alcohol during treatment can greatly aggravate these effects. Some studies suggest, on the other hand, that these drugs can be a trigger for Alzheimer's disease and some forms of cancer.

Dangers that have prompted the Association for Assisting Victims of Accidents and Disease-Related Diseases (AAA-VAM) to take advantage of the High Authority of Health (HAS) in 2016. As a result, HAS and ANSM proposed to the Ministry of Health an Action Plan on Correct Use of benzodiazepines (one of the main substances used in sleeping pills) for health professionals and the general public, including a communication campaign or limitation of prescription duration.

An addiction that comes at a gallop

Regardless of the type of sleeping aid, 60 million consumers note that they are consumed systematically over a much longer period than recommended. Normally, prescription sleep pills are prescribed for a maximum of one month. In fact, they are taken, on average, over seven months. Taking sleeping pills over the counter should not exceed fifteen days, but actually reaches about six months. A danger when physical or mental dependence takes place very quickly: after only a month. Difficult, then, to get rid of this addiction. "When I do not take the pill before going to bed, the sudden cessation of treatment causes a missing syndrome. Insomnia syndromes are increased tenfold and are accompanied by anxiety attacks, headaches, nightmares … and sometimes even seizures and hallucinations, "the magazine describes. Thus, for a few months treatment, a weaning may be required with the help of a physician.

Melatonin, a substance that should not be taken lightly

Melatonin, whose fashion comes directly from the United States, is still very rare in France a few years ago, today becoming an important part of pharmacies. This hormone, which intervenes to regulate the biological rhythm and is synthesized as a dietary supplement or medicine, is very popular in the case of insomnia or people who want to recover quickly from a jet gap. Or accurate 60 million consumers, taking melatonin, which is naturally secreted until the age of 55, would be effective and useful only from this age. An older person can simply disturb his cycle and worsen his sleeping problems.

The other issue highlighted by the magazine and the magazine prescribe is the dose. Melatonin is really recommended as a medicine at a dose of 2 milligrams per dose. Many dietary supplements contain 1.9 mg. An almost similar amount that can induce the same side effects without medical monitoring of the drug: syncope, somnolence, headache, convulsions or various types of rashes and digestive disorders.

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