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DOCUMENT FRANCEINFO. "Leaks Football", Golden Ball and "King Pelé": interview with Kylian Mbappé


His revelations Mediapart, his debut in Monaco, Ballon d 'Or and Blues … Kylian Mbappé spoke extensively on franceinfo on Thursday, November 8th. The world champion entrusted Jacques Vendroux with an exclusive interview.

Jacques Vendroux: There have been revelations Mediapart which suggests that you would have asked PSG to pay taxes.

Kylian Mbappé: This is wrong. I want to say that I pay all my taxes in France, all my income. I do not like to talk about it, but since you're talking about it, I'll talk about it. I want to say that I pay all my taxes in France, all my income. I announced different things, but for me, the most important thing was to know in which club I could give my best results and continue my progress. And I chose Paris Saint-Germain naturally. After that, we must not forget that there are negotiations and everything we did, even if there are many wrong things, we did it in order. Which makes me laugh a little is that Mediapart is at the bottom [un] site that denounces football's misconduct, except that everything we've done is in good standing. So I do not understand

There's a lot of talk about Gold Balls right now, especially for you. How do you manage the situation?

I gave what I had to give, there is no regret. Last year was the first year [où j’étais classé]. I finished the seventh. The goal is to finish more than seventh. First, it's always better (laughs). After we see what's going to happen. This year, it's very hot, there are many players who deserve it. Anyone who will win will win very little. The others will not be long behind.

Do you have a special passion for the team of France?

I always have the same smile when I return to the field with the blue jersey. From the very young, the French team is the ultimate goal because we think we can play in the biggest clubs in the world, playing in time one of the biggest clubs in the world, but playing for its country is something unique. It is different from PSG, I have a great passion and give me 100% of my qualities for PSG, but the country is stronger. This is France's team, it's the cock, it's Marseille. It's the first star of 98, it's Zidane, it's Platini, it's full of things all at once.

You face Monaco on Sunday, is your training club, will it make you funny?

Everything starts from there! I am at the age of 14 at the dawn of the new project, spend two years at the training center with downs and downs and manage to integrate my workforce at the age of 16. There is something extraordinary. I had players who accompanied me and integrated me in the group as if I were an excellent player while we were no one. I have been integrated in the best way to flourish, and I will never forget that I have lived a great year afterwards. I won the title of champion, I was in the League Cup Champions League semi-final and finalist. It was a group of friends who had fun. We had fun. I went to the new chapter with PSG and I will go on my PSG jersey on Sunday and try to go with the victory.

There is a very important match against Liverpool as well.

It's the Champions League. We have a very strong group, it's great to play big teams, that's what we're asking, now we have to show them on the field. We are still in the race, so we will be well prepared and will try to prepare for this meeting. It's a great team, I do not like to talk about other teams, I prefer to talk about my team. And if we play together and we're all at our level, I think we can do something good against Liverpool.

Your father was 10, your mother was a handball … you do not talk too much about them, but they are the detonators of many things in your career …

Of course, they are my most loyal allies. They accompanied me from Bondy at the Parc des Princes in front of 50,000 people, so I'm best placed to talk about it. Always guiding me. They knew how to avoid the ways for me, to do the dirty work. Anticipate accidents, prevent all evil people from approaching you. You grow in a healthy environment and let yourself exercise your free passion without pressure without going home and saying, "You have to play like that, you have to mark it like that." Never. And yet, my father was my coach. But I went home and scored eight goals or missed nine, did not tell me anything about the game, she became a father again. And that, I think it was important, we always knew to keep this barrier between us: it was the coach outside and the father in, so he always went well. And with my mother, we like to talk more, I've been chatting with her. Whether in football or outside, so it's more my confidence.

Your father of Cameroonian origin, your Algerian mother, is proof that everyone can live together?

Yes, it is France today! France is made of many blends, we are the perfect example. I'm happy because I do not think we're doing enough. I always put it [en avant] Kylian, of course, I am a good footballer, but it must also be stressed that footballers who reach this level have a lot of things behind. They're parents, I have a lawyer, a lot of people who take care of me. Not only the player who plays in the field and strikes in the goal is everything that prepares before, outside and which should be capitalized.

Peele, who shows his affection, is amazing for you?

It's unique. If I had been told three months ago that I met Pelé, I would not have believed it! Peeley, for me, who did not see him play, has always been the typical example. King of football what. It's easy to tell you about it, because it has always been square in my mind: it's the "king," who won three World Cups that put more than 1,000 goals, that's all.

You are in the process of protecting the number 10!

Yeah, but I did not see this, I saw him as a child who had the number 10 at Bondy in the neighborhood team and who wanted to keep his number up and had the opportunity to have it on his team France. It is a pride and a chance to wear it.

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