Wednesday , May 31 2023

In Paris, a new female attack was reported


This is a new report on the social networks of aggression against the homosexual couple in the capital. According to some associations against homophobia, a lesbian couple kissed her Wednesday in the 9th district of Paris when they attacked the two women, one of them faced her face.

The collective "Urgence homophobie", which released subsidy messages on Thursday Twitter and Facebook claims that the victim suffers from multiple fractures and must therefore undergo surgery.

The "sexual orientation violence in the place of access to road passenger transport"and according to the court source that Franceinfo has entrusted with the reception and proximity inspection in France (SAIP).

Less than a month ago, on October 8, a lesbian couple had attacked Republic Square. These facts happened two days after two people were beaten while kissing on the street, even in Paris. The multiplication of reported acts of violence resulted in the organization of the Republic's demonstration of homophobia on 21 October.

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