Friday , January 27 2023

Jacques Toubon "does not understand" that the controversy over his income


Accumulate more pensions. Chain wreck has put the rights defender, Jacques Toubon, on his pay. Consequence of the controversy over Chantal Jouanno's salary, the newspaper counted eight "cumulari" who received a pension and a salary. Among them, former Justice Minister Jacques Chirac.

As Defender of Rights, he receives 15,725 euros per month. To this is added "his pensions as a civilian administrator and state counselor, as well as his triple withdrawal as deputy mayor of Paris, deputy and deputy". fit Chain wreck, "the total could be about 30,000 euros per month".

Invited to RTL on Thursday, January 17, Jacques Toubon said he had reached "a salary that is in the budget" and that, since 2006, he "has reached what corresponds 44 years of state service : a pension of civil servants, parliamentarians and councilors of Paris in 25 years ".

"I do not understand that it is shocking because I remember that what I do is a full-time job for which I am paid according to the rules"he added.

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