Thursday , March 30 2023

November 17: warnings from highways and airports


Movement or mobilization overestimated? This is the question that arises within 24 hours of the "yellow jacket" action, which intends to express its headache in the face of rising fuel taxes and generally lower purchasing power. If more than 1,500 shares are expected on Saturday, a little over a hundred have been declared, according to a police source. Impeded by uncertainty, highways, supermarkets or airports preferred to take the lead.

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Motorways: "If you can, avoid traveling." The mobilization of "yellow jackets" can greatly disrupt traffic, many highway companies have urged indigenous companies to revise their plans on Saturday. The Sanef Group even advises "to cancel the planned trips precisely" due to the "plethora of announced meeting points" and snail operations that could also disrupt traffic. Even the warning from Vinci Autoroutes. "If you can, you do not go anywhere, otherwise find out before you go," the company said in his Twitter account.

Airports require passengers to "anticipate". Do you have to fly on Saturday? It would be better to take precautions. "Follow the situation of road traffic in real time and favor public transport by rail", advises Paris Airport on Twitter. Airports in Toulouse, Montpellier or Marseille invite passengers to "anticipate their arrival".

No public transport in some cities. The use of public road transport could also be a challenge in many cities. In some cases, such as in Limoges, public transport "will not be insured" to avoid "significant risks of traffic jams". The agglomeration of Périgueux made the same decision, explains France Bleu.

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Supermarkets "Solidarity". Shopping could be more complicated than usual in supermarkets.The Carrefour distributor said he would closely monitor the "impact of the access move" on his stores and promised a "real-time" SMS and mailing device to his "customers." In Mennneval, Eure, the Leclerc supermarket will remain closed, advancing for security reasons. Two super U stores in Brittany, Rosporden of Finistère and Faoüet in Morbihan, on their part, announced that the service station will be locked together with the yellow vests.

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