Tuesday , March 21 2023

Oreo cracker has destroyed 25,000 hectares of tropical forest


You may not be following Oreo cookies the same way. According to Greenpeace, the American giant Mondelez, who makes the famous cake made of palm oil, really took part in deforestating 25,000 hectares of tropical forest.

And even if the multitude promised to provide sustainable palm oil by 2020. "The multinational mondeal continues to deal with the producers who practice deforestation." Palm oil can be produced without the destruction of forests and forests, the species that live there, unlike of what Mondelez suppliers continue to make Orangutans are now about to disappear: they are sacrificed for biscuits, "Kiki Taufik, Greenpeace Indonesia's Greenpeace Forest Campaign Manager told the Environment NGO website.

"We are one year after the deadline, and Mondelez is linked to the producers responsible for deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia. We took 25 producers responsible for deforestation in Southeast Asia and Mondelez is bound to 22 of them ", details Cécile Leuba, c.exploited forestry campaign from Greenpeace France, on Franceinfo.

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