Tuesday , May 30 2023

Prince William unnatural? Kate Middleton was jealous at the beginning of their relationship


Kate MIddleton and Prince William are leading a life of privilege, but their daily lives are not always easy! The Duchess and Duke of Cambridge are increasingly present for the causes they defend and have multiplied public appearances in recent months. And the life of their parents is so full! If Prince William confessed very recently about the question that worries George, Charlotte and Louis, he is still a happy father with his wife. However, their relationship has not always been easy, especially the years before their engagement! So much so that the media mocked Kate Middleton, nicknamed at that time "Katy Patient" with which she faces the attitude that was not particularly engaging to her who would become her husband. And today we know more about this period!

Indeed, we know that Prince William and Kate Middleton broke up for a short period before their engagement in 2010. And as the American edition of Cosmopolitan magazine reported, the Duke of Cambridge was not bored during this little break! Indeed, the author of Pippa Middleton's new biography, The Duchess of Cambridge: How Kate Middleton became a future queen, says William went on a cruise with one of his best friends, which Kate did not like. And a little detail, which he did not really like: that friend had engaged on board a 100% female team! A fact that would not have made the Duke of Cambridge happy and would have asked her to. Fortunately today, when we see Kate Middleton and Prince William, who were shining on Prince Charles's birthday, we say this story ends well!

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