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Rapper 6ix9ine Arrested For Theft And Illegal Possession Of Firearms, Facing Life Prison


The 22-year-old New Yorker was arrested Sunday by the federal police. She accuses him until recently of being part of a band known for her violence. The rapper was in custody on Saturday, especially to protect him from his former associates.

Just 22 years old, the legal career of American rapper 6ix9ine is already in full swing. Suspected of abuse of a minor, accused of assaulting a police officer and strangling a fan, his suitcase is full. He was arrested Sunday night in New York for rehearsals, wearing weapons and armed robbery, reports the magazine Rolling Stone . 6ix9ine could be sentenced to a minimum conviction of 32 years behind bars in prison for life.

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Lance Lazzaro, lawyer 6ix9ine, demanded his release in exchange for a $ 1 million bail and placement in a home arrest. The judge was uncompromising, saying that 6x9ine represents a real threat to society. Rapper intends to appeal.

After a five-year investigation, the rapper, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, is accused of the Manhattan court belonging to the Nine Trey gypsy, and has been involved in six crimes: "robberies, shooting, including a shootout in the Barclay Arena and another in which a passerby was targeted, "said Manhattan Attorney Geoffrey Berman. Criminal activities of criminals also extend to drug trafficking and pimping.

6ix9ine was also wanted for an armed robbery committed in April 2018 in Times Square. During a search, the investigators found some stolen objects in his house. Eventually, he was accused of having an AR-15 assault rifle.

Wanted by his former cousins

On Saturday, the rapper was placed under preventive arrest, as his life was threatened by his former cronies. 6ix9ine said in a video posted on Instagram November 16th cut off all decks with them, accusing them of theft, after hiring them for a year to secure their safety and help them manage their careers. They found on the dock: former manager of rapper Kifano Joran and three other people were arrested for the same charges.

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In 2015, 6ix9ine pleaded guilty to hijacking a minor: in the case of videos posted on social networks, a 13-year-old girl appears completely naked on the raper's lap. Avoided prison, provided he does not commit a crime in the next four years.

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