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Taylor Swift is hiding well in her suitcase … Meghan Markle's nephew balances …


Taylor Swift at the American Music Awards – WENN

Friday, November 16th

Queen Elizabeth II compares Prince Charles with a tree

Prince Charles celebrated his 70th anniversary Wednesday. On this occasion, a great party took place at Buckingham Palace, during which Queen Elizabeth II beat her bigger son. "It is a privilege for any mother to be able to toast her son on the age of 70. This means you've lived long enough to see your baby grow up," she said. And to continue: "It's like, in order to use an analogy that I'm sure you will enjoy, we planted a tree and then we can watch it grow." The Queen concludes with a moving message: "My mother has seen me 70 years of course, and I've heard that 70 years are exactly the age when the number of candles on your cake finally exceeds the amount of breath you need to blow it! "

In the Markle family, the nephew is asked

After Father Thomas organized false paparazzi,
half-sister Samantha, who promises crisp revelations in her book, here is 26-year-old nephew Tyler Dooley at the head of a cannabis business that participates in The Royal World, The American TV reality in which he sets his accounts with his aunt, became the Duchess of Sussex. "It was a very difficult time." The family was broken, he said in this program broadcast on MTV, and seeing the titles on the ears of the press was tough, last year's scandals hurt me a lot. The family of
Meghan Markle seems determined to face Prince Harry's wife!

Taylor Swift is well hidden in his suitcase

A year ago, a crazy rumor about Taylor Swift was born on the Web. The American star, watched by the paparazzi, would have asked the bodyguards to take a suitcase. Fake news more? In an interview with the magazine vogue, singer Zayn Malik has just confirmed the mad rumor.
"He traveled hiding in a suitcase," said Gigi Hadid's boyfriend, very close to the 28-year-old singer. We will not look at the suitcases the same way!

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