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The Labor Force has set the amount of the expenditure reports


Former Secretary-General Jean-Claude Mailly and Pascal Pavageau presented bills in 2017 for 34,000 and over 50,000 euros in 2017 respectively.
Ex-Secretaries-General Jean-Claude Mailly and Pascal Pavageau presented bills in 2017 for 34,000 and over 50,000 euros in 2017. BERTRAND GUAY / AFP

Hotel rentals, hotel nights, air tickets … In 2017, Ouvrière (FO) leaders presented more than EUR 388,000 in expenditure reports, according to Parisian. Information not confirmed by confederation leadership.

In 2016, it recorded a surplus of 1.1 million euros, according to its certified accounts. A year later, still in line with Parisian, FO would have suffered losses of 635 182 euros, which the management is competing with. The latter shall ensure that its accounts have not yet been certified by any internal authority, but that it will be done "Very fast". However, the operation should not take place before the meeting of 21 and 22 November, in which the future Secretary-General of the FO will be elected.

The daily highlights the high amount of spending claims, which amounted to 388,683 euros in 2017. Pascal Pavageau, who resigned as secretary-general in mid-October after disclosure of the case against the directors, presented a bill of 50,836.05 , compared to nearly 50,000 euros in 2016 and 33,800 euros in 2015. Jean-Claude Mailly, his predecessor, presented an invoice of 34,000 euros, compared to 32,000 in 2016 and 35,000 euros in 2015. His annual remuneration, including bonuses amounted to € 100,334.65 in 2017.

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30,000 euros for Air France flights

The newspaper draws attention to amazing fees, such as the 30,000-euro flight from Air France from a 2015-based framework, or those Paris-based bills of a federal secretary for a month where a rent of 1,316 euro he in the capital …

"It's not the reality of practice"a member of the management replied. "There are many mixed things. We ask the right questions, but the answers are not weighed.he added.

Asked about Sénat public on Monday, Muriel Pénicaud stressed that a trade union organization "As a business, (…) as a territorial community, must be transparent, fair ". "If there are excesses, they will have to be corrected", added the minister, insisting that he "It is important not to throw the baby with bathing water and confuse the whole movement of the workforce,.

For his part, Laurent Berger, the CFDT's number one, "For trade unionism, it is never good for a trade union to sink into crisis with the unpacking that we are witnessing today".

He mentioned CFDT had "Certified accounts". "Measurable"with "Rules on the expenditure ratio". "We have absolutely transparent things"he assured himself.

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