Wednesday , August 17 2022

Vincennes: Super Fez and JMB in the spotlights of the day


Quinté – Vincennes: Beginning in the boxes of Jean-Michel Bazire, Super Fez will not last long enough to bring him pleasing pleasure, and by imposing the pleasure of this Thursday in quinté du jour with Vincennes, the price of Sille-Le- Guillaume.

Quinté – Vincennes: Fourth Fifth Success for Super Fez

A 2850-meter, marked first in the SLIDE SO EASY hexagon which, despite the lack of experience in this starting mode, would have been very fast in the starting areas with the help of the brightest Björn Goop, who was able to take over the event's order. The Bigeon train, made up of the most visible BE BOP HAUFOR and BAULOISE HAUFOR, however, has grown in great thickness and is the great that will clearly come to SLIDE SO EASY before joining the outside BE BOP HAUFOR to approach the climb. While the future SUPER FEZ winner (the Scoopdyga photo) still wisely waited for the ambush time, not far from the horses, it was SPEED DELICIOUS's turn to place an impressive band for his return to France, easily taking the best and even taking a few long days to his rivals. Former Fabrice Souloy's resident, however, was ready to find time in the final, seeing the launch of BE BOP HAUFOR in search and especially the SUPER FEZ that came out on the finish line to come quickly to get the best results and sign a net success. A first victory at the second trip of Jean-Michel Bazire and fourth to the fifth for SUPER FEZ.

Quinté – Vincennes: Christian Bigeon places his two representatives in quinté

The one who aligned last winter's victories, BE BOP HAUFOR must be content with the first access as his first exit to this summit at Soulac's price, where he was preceded by an element of Jean-Michel Bazire ABYDOS DU VIVIER. But, in addition to BE BOP HAUFOR's new, very good behavior, Christian Bigeon can also be pleased with the good performance of his other representative, BAULOISE HAUFOR, who, despite his strong efforts in the field, Fourth. Among the two residents of Christian Bigeon we find VALSEME, who came very well on the track to take advantage of this nice podium and, in this process, very seriously led the reports of this Sille-Le-Guillaume award with a final rating of more than 110 /1. The fifth place was taken over by the prominent ATINO DE LAMERIE, who again, with the help of Franck Nivard, confirms his good performance of the Soulac Award. Note that for his first SLIDE SO EASY he was supposed to be pleased with the eighth place, playing bad in the middle of the game, hooking up with a rival for a while.

Quinté – Vincennes: The arrival of the Sillé-Le-Guillaume Award

1: 15.super Fez – J.M. Bazire

2: 18. Bop Haufor – Ch. Bigeon

3: 6.Valsemé – Th. Dromigny

4: 10.Bauloise Haufor – Ch.J. Bigeon

5: 13.Atino of Ormerie – F. Nivard

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