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Why does a man need so much to die?

Extract from the "Ad Vitam" series – I.MATHIE / ARTE

  • The series is broadcast every Thursday, from 8 to 22 November 2018, at 20:55 on Arts.
  • Signed by Thomas Cailley (fighters) Ad Vitam proposes a reflection on mortality.
  • Ad Vitam was crowned by the best French series at the Mania Series 2018 Festival.

"Elders do not die any more, young people commit suicide." Ad Vitam, one of the most anticipated French autumn series, broadcast on
Arts on Thursday address the issue of immortality against the background of police investigation. After discovering the body of seven minors on a beach, Darius (Yvan Attal), a hundred-year-old cop, looks for answers from Christa (Garance Marillier), a 24-year-old (yes, because in this world, we are at the age of 30). Unstable, the girl is hospitalized in a teenage institution after she flirted ten years earlier with a certain Caron sect behind the first wave of suicide.

Beyond the criminal plot, the scenarioAd Vitam is quite realistic in terms of billions of dollars
invested by Google and other giants or start-ups in Silicon Valley at
to eradicate death. Unlike Gafa, the questions in the Arte series
the moral meaning of such a discovery and its consequences.

The youth has the right to death

When youngAd Vitam do not shoot in the head, swallow a capsule that mimics the effects
the experience of imminent death (tunnel, white light, hallucination …). It's a real obsession. Why do 30 years end their days when man has resolved death by regeneration, a technique that can stop the aging cells? Simply because life does not have the same flavor.

An immortal society is "a society of zombies," says Jean-Michel Besnier, philosopher professor at the Sorbonne. And that critiques Linus (Rod Paradot), one of the pro-suicides of the series. "You have to stay clean and worry-free, no thought, no excess, that's what they want, but we're not like them," he says in the second episode. Young people claim the right to die, as a call to life (sur). For to escape death, there is not much man for humanity.

"Our Western society is rumble about the problem of death. Virtually all cultural achievements, a great literary, musical and pictorial work are the result of this anxious reflection and are meant to reassure us about this perspective," the philosopher continues. In a world where man is no longer afraid to disappear, he loses his metaphysical appetite that causes them to express their anxiety in an artistic way. Nothing inspires him anymore.

A society dominated by boredom

Jean-Michel Besnier gives his example Possibility of an island, The Anticipation Novel Writing by
Michel Houellebecq in 2005. This fiction, posturing the technical success of cloning, alters the testimony of Daniel 1, a sort of sad clown haunted by the aging of the body and the comments of his neo-human clones two thousand years later. Like in Ad VitamDaniel can not live in this "passionless life" and decides to end his immortal status. "Society is no longer dominated by anxiety, but by boredom and repetition," continues the philosopher. Worse than this: "Sex and death go together," he notes. So imagine the rest.

Without death, there is no desire. "The relationship between individuals is summed up in a juxtaposition relationship. Sexuality is the sign that we are finite beings, we seek to project in something else: absolute, love, beautiful … Desire is carried by ideals," concludes Jean-Michel Besnier. Immortality is the end of our species. What is the good thing to live forever a repetitive and insipid existence? This is one of the questions explored Ad Vitam through underwear. Desire or boredom, you have to choose. No crime at
Silicon Valley.

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