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Why "France has an incredible talent" brings strangers


TELEVISION – Since the launch of this new season of "France has an incredible talent", the Golden Buzzer has already been used four times. Wednesday, November 21, it was Marianne James's turn to press the button, conquered by the performance of Dutch college students' "oxygen".

However, this new place for qualifying for the final of the show has caused the interrogation and disturbance of many spectators regarding the participation of foreign candidates in the program.

Indeed, since the beginning of the 13th season of "LFAUIT", the four Golden Buzzers awarded by the jury were in favor of foreign candidates. A pure chance, but an approach that seems to be disappointed by many viewers.

According to them, the show forgot that it was addressed to French talent due to the tele-hook name: "France has an incredible talent," as I could read in many Twitter posts published on Twitter during the show.

There seems to be a persistent confusion on the part of the public about the true nature of the M6 ​​program. Indeed, if the show is titled "France has an incredible talent," it does not mean that it is intended only for French candidates. A recurring confusion for a few years by viewers who confirmed this HuffPost the M6 ​​chain.

French in "America's Got Talent"

Speaking of all, the program listens to all candidates who come without distinction of origin. An operation that also applies to foreign versions of the show.

In this respect, M6 is very clear: "Selected candidates are not based on their origin but production sometimes reserves the right to seek foreign candidates to highlight a little or not represented discipline," confirms the six, as happened in this season dining table expert Japanese expert, already seen in the British version "Got Talent from the UK".

The Channel wishes to recall the fact that many French candidates participate in foreign versions of the show (including the American version) as magician Enzo Weyne or Twins French duo, three-time French candidates who have tried their luck in 2017 in "America Has a Talent" .

It should be said that the show (all versions) is a great presentation for those who happen to go on the plateau. In addition to the temptation to win the 100,000 euros promised to the winner, it especially allows for the acquisition of professional opportunities in France or other countries. And that candidates are well aware, even try different versions.

Finally, the audience decides

If this year, Strauss, Kazuhisa, Dana, Oxygen and all other qualified candidates have won the jury, above all, for the performance and emotions they have been able to pass to the jury, and only for that.

In addition, the choice of qualified candidates -Golden Buzzer or non-return to Sugar Sammy, Helen Ségara, Eric Antoine and Marianne James, but we should not forget that in the end is the public who has the final say by voting for his favorite candidate.

Last year, comedian Laura Laune won the 12th season of the show. Of Belgian origin, she had been chosen by the public and this time no one was offended because she did not participate in "Belgium has an incredible talent".

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