Monday , August 15 2022

Amazon: Mega glitch before "Black Friday" – names and correspondence addresses


Amazon was hit by a technical problem. As a result, customers' names and emails have appeared on the company's website.

Seattle – Due to a technical malfunction, the names and email addresses of some Amazon retail customers online, according to its information on the company's website, advised. As to the magnitude of the damage, a spokesman for the Amazon on Wednesday, at the request of the AFP news agency did not comment. "We have solved the problem and informed clients who might be affected," he said.

According to Amazon, neither the company's systems nor its website have been hacked. Passwords were also secure. US and European customers reported receiving news from Amazon, according to the TechCrunch technology site.

Amazon celebrates "Cyber ​​Monday" after "Black Friday"

Amazon became public with information immediately before "Black Friday". It will be followed on Monday by Cyber ​​Monday, which will continue hunting for special offers on the Internet. Thanksgiving Weekend is the starting signal for a profitable Christmas business in the US.

Amazon is the undisputed number in US e-commerce, with a market share of 48%. This should correspond to analysts of eMarketer market research firm this year 252 billion dollars (221 billion). Industry experts expect all US online trade to grow 16.6% over the previous year in this Christmas season.


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