Wednesday , May 31 2023

Assembly: Catastrophe and climate disassociate in civilization 6


The Firaxis development studio announced the expansion of Gathering – after Rise and Fall, it is the second addon for civilization 6 published in 2016 (test on The innovations in Gathering should revolve mainly around natural disasters and man-made climate change. In addition to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, extreme weather, drought and sea levels threaten the population.

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To meet these challenges, players should also get new opportunities. Cities near the shore must be protected by huge dams, if necessary, it should be possible to resettle the population from entire areas. The technology tree will then enable renewables and energies to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide in the air.

In addition to these current and future threats, developers plan two new scenarios that are coming back in time. One is the threat of Europe's plague in the fourteenth century. The other is for two players in multiplayer mode, the battle between Germany and France during the First World War.

In addition to catastrophes and war, Gathering is to provide more news. It will include extra wonders of the world, types of buildings, units, technologies and civilizations. Some elements of the main game should be improved and expanded considerably, such as spying. Additional diplomatic options are also planned, including a World Congress where global issues are debated and voted on.

Collection will be released on February 14, 2019 for Windows Civilization 6 and a little later for Linux and MacOS. There are currently no extension publishing plans for iOS or Nintendo Switch implementations.

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