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Better than Sonos One: Echo Plus 2 forms a powerful duo with Sub



Echo Sup is a giant compared to the little Echo Plus 2, but as a subwoofer you can hide it in a corner.

Echo Sup is a giant compared to the little Echo Plus 2, but as a subwoofer you can hide it in a corner.(Photo: kwe)

Saturday, November 10, 2018

From Klaus Wedekind

Amazon, along with the second-generation Echo Plus, launches the Echo Sub subwoofer. The speakers together form a strong team that can also be a substitute for a Sonos One.

Amazon's intelligent viewers managed to persuade Alexa's relatively talented vocal assistant from the beginning, but their sound was mediocre at best. Sonos One proves that things are much better, even showing the teeth in the Apple Homepod in the test. But there is also an Amazon alternative that offers great sound: Echo Plus 2 in combination with Echo Sub.

Winzling with a wide chest

Only the new Echo Plus sounds much better than its predecessor. It is louder and offers a tweeter of 20 millimeters and a 76 millimeter woofer quite clear and beautiful. Also on the bass he goes much more powerful as the first Echo Plus, real depth, but he also offers the new one. This is not surprising in its compact size, it is quite surprising that small 15 centimeters have a chest so wide.

For speech recognition, Echo Plus 2 has seven microphones.

For speech recognition, Echo Plus 2 has seven microphones.(Photo: kwe)

Here comes the Echo Sub, which not only perfectly complements the perfect Echo Plus 2. The subwoofer has a downward 15 centimeter speaker, which pumps strongly at 100 watts in depth. Alexa Plus and Sub are quickly connected and the difference is immense. The room is full of a strong but not exaggerated bass, and the sound is richer than without a subwoofer.

"Alexa, less bass!"

For the speaker team to harmonize, low frequencies are reduced after pairing with the subwoofer in Echo Plus 2. However, the sub goes too strong but it's not a problem. Because you can tell Alexa just that he should cut the bass. Of course, the inverse works. In addition, you'll find an equalizer in the Alexa app, with which you can manually adjust the heights and minimums.

More about this topic

The duo can record quite easily with a Sonos One. In the middle and clarity, one can not keep up. But bass has more than one deal and voice control is much better at Amazon dunks: the controls are still understood even in loud music and there are more features, such as integrated telephony or Zigbee Bridge for direct control of smart home devices.

Sonos One cheaper

Retrained is the Sonos One front, which you get for about 220 euros. Echo Plus 2 alone costs 150 euros, along with an Echo Sub you have to give up 280 euros. The sub-matrix can also be combined with two Echo Plus 2 and 2.1 systems. Then the total price is 480 euros. Sonos double is available for about 430 euros.

In total, Echo Plus 2 along with an Echo Sub are an excellent choice for users who want to enjoy all the Alexa advantages, but they also want a very nice sound with a powerful bass. If everything is about sound, you're better off despite the smaller depths of Sonos One. Additionally, you can access more streaming services on this system.

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