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Charge for assault: The former boxer storms have to fear the jail



Felix Sturm could go to prison for many years.

Felix Sturm could go to prison for many years.(Photo: imago / Sven Simon)

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Two years ago, former boxing world champion Felix Sturm is sentenced for doping. Now, the public prosecutor in Cologne accuses him of dangerous body damage. So it enters a new legal territory. The box scene reacts refractory.

In fact, body injuries are part of the box. But the Cologne prosecutor sees this differently in the case of Felix Sturm and thus provides enthusiasm. The 39-year-old professional has exceeded his doping limits in fighting the World Cup against Fyodor Tschudinow in 2016 and must be accused of self-doping and participation in a competition under the influence of doping and dangerous bodily injury.

Fyodor Chudinov had to deal with an unfair adversary, so the reasoning behind the prosecution.

Fyodor Chudinov had to deal with an unfair adversary, so the reasoning behind the prosecution.(Photo: imago / Sven Simon)

Chudinov agreed to the fight because he assumed equal opportunities. But this was no longer the case because of Sturm's doping, the authorities argued. Storm can now give an opinion, after which the board of directors decides whether and what accusations the main action will open. Apparently, the prosecutor hopes for a stricter punishment.

While the auto-doping penalty ranges from a fine of up to three years in prison, the storm threatens to imprison a prison term of up to ten years in the case of a charge of dangerous bodily injury. The Nada National Anti-Doping Agency was pleased with the prosecutor's decision. "We brought the case in 2017. It is obvious that it is ultimately checked if in such a case there is a dangerous bodily harm," said Lars Mortsiefer, a member of the board of Nada.

However, President Thomas Pütz of the German Association of Professional Speakers said: "It's absurd, I have not heard of him before, I'm in favor of punishing doping, of course, but building personal injury is a very bold move." He fears that the Prosecutor's Office may go to school. "They probably want to bring Manuel Charr in the near future because of a dangerous attack."

And how is Manuel Charr punished?

The Charr case has been titles for weeks. In mid-September, it became known that the heavyweight world champion in Cologne was found during an exercise control of the administration of the anabolic steroids epitrelinolone and drostanolone. The World Cup fight against Puerto Rico's Fres Oquendo had to be canceled. Since then, Charr's contradictory statements and evidence of procedural errors have formed the process.

It is not yet clear how the World Federation WBA Charr will sanction. "Three weeks ago, I received a letter from the WBA that Manuel Charr will be suspended for six months," Pütz said. Even if Charr could keep the World Cup belt, he would not go out of the letter, but "actually unimaginable".

Charrs promoter Bernd Trendelkamp contradicted. "I did not learn anything new from the WBA, certainly nothing at the belt." He believes a three-week letter from the association is not "official". However, we have prophylactically opposed. If the doping offense is confirmed, the prosecutor may again check the dangerous bodily danger. However, obviously, Charr's rehearsal was not taken directly before or after a fight. That could relieve him.



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