Tuesday , March 21 2023

Command & Conquer and C & C: Red Alert


If you get a nice heart to see this image, we have great news for you.If you get a nice heart to see this image, we have great news for you.

Old hands among real time strategy players jumping into the market: EA announced on Reddit, the remaster of the first Command & Conquer, Epithet Tiberium Conflict and its successor C & C: Red Alert, pulls out.

And not as a populated version of the smartphone, but on the PC! Earlier, EA announced the intention to think about Remaster. Now it is clear that they will start right from the beginning of the legendary series of games.

In addition, EA launches the announcement with a statement that gives hope for a future for C & C:

"A month ago, we let the community know we will bring the mark back to the PC, starting with a remaster initiative."

This leaves much freedom, whether EA wants to revive the franchise even with new titles. But this remains speculation, the really tangible information refers to the announced remaster of C & C 1 and 2.

Convocation of the veterans

For this, the publisher is the partner with the developer Petroglyph, whose founders are largely stopped former developers of Westwood Studios – the developer of the two original C & Cs in 1995 and 1996. Thus, in the new editions of the Urgesteine ​​real-time heads are on board, who should be very familiar with the original C & C vision. Illustrious names such as be Joe Bostic, Steve Tall and Mike Legg are, therefore, in the future to bring the classic back into a modernized version.

Below you can watch a short video in which developers will officially offer you the availability for remaster. In fact, it seems they have just received the news that they are working abruptly at Command & Conquer again.

The two games appear together Remaster Collection. According to EA, Exacerbations for Command and Conquer, and Red Alert Attack and Revenge Agreements are included in the Remaster package. On the other hand, unpopular microtransactions EA wants to give it up completely.

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