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CTS Eventim Share – WKN 547030: CTS Eventim shares


Eventim Share: News about current price developments

FrankfurtDealer Ticket Stock CTS Eventim With a gain of only 0.85% and a market value of 33.26 EUR, it is now showing a positive development compared to the day before EUR 32.98.

In MDax, the value of 0.85% plus is one of the best values. Currently, the paper ranks third in the top class of MDax. MDax currently records 24,062 points (down 0.48%). As a result, Eventim CTS shares are above the index.

With a price of 33.74 euros, the stock was registered on Monday, 12.11.2018 in commerce and at the same time reached a daily maximum of 33.94 euros.

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Eventim CTS share is 24.2% lower than 52 weeks for the year, which is 43.86 euros. It was June 15, 2018. The 52-week fall comes from 25 October 2018 and is 31.10 euros.

At 3.94 million euros turnover, the stock comes at 11:45. At that time, securities were traded on the previous day worth 0.6 million euros. On 31 March 2014, the total share of the Eventim CTS share was reached at € 49.02. The total reduced amount is 0.25 euro (starting July 5, 2002).

Analyst comments (via dpa-AFX)

08/28/2018 NordLB gives up the Eventim CTS for the 48-euro "Buy" goal
NordLB has left the Eventim CTS for the € 48 buy-in. Despite the smaller number of major events due to the World Cup, the ticket dealer in the first half of double-digit growth, analyst Holger Fechner wrote in a study available Tuesday. He considers the effects of Ticketdirect and BGH to be moderate ./ag/ajx Date of analysis: 28.08.2018 Note: Information on disclosure obligations in the event of a conflict of interest within the meaning of Article 85 (1) WpHG, Article 20 VO (EU) 596/2014 for the mentioned analyst house can be found at

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