Monday , March 20 2023

Ex-National Coach: Berti Vogts: League of Nations "Abolish Immediately" – National Team


before 20 minutes.

Former football coach, Berti Vogts, believes the League has failed.

"They should be abolished immediately." Coaches will have time to repeat the changes or make a change of peace, as Jogi Löw has now tried, "Vogts wrote in his column for The European national league is an" arbitrarily conceived competition ".

The German national team threatens to get off the high season before the final match with the Netherlands on Monday at Gelsenkirchen in the League of Nations. "Perhaps it will be an advantage even if next time we play in league B against the smaller nations and we will prepare less pressure for the next major event," Vogts said.

Even coach Joachim Loew recently pointed out that a descent in the League of Nations is not "the end of the world" and said: "If we go down, we have to take it that way." (AP)

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