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Hugh Hefner widow: former playmate almost died after cosmetic surgery – people


A “simple” fat transplant nearly cost the life of Playboy founder’s widow, Hugh Hefner († 91)!

Crystal Hefner (34) underwent cosmetic surgery in October 2020. But instead of the desired larger breasts, she had to have blood transfusions in the intensive care unit.

On Instagram, she reports for the first time about the horror operation and its consequences.

Crystal and Hugh Hefner have been married for five years

Crystal and Hugh Hefner have been married for five yearsPhoto: crystalhefner / Instagram

“I almost did not survive the operation. I lost half my blood and had a blood transfusion in the hospital “, she explains on her Instagram profile. In addition, she posts a photo that you can see her breasts closed.

“I had to work slowly back to a healthy state and only now am I finally well again,” she continues. In fact, she just wanted to have a harmless procedure: according to Hefner, she had a fat transfer.

Usually, the fatty tissue is removed from one part of the patient’s body and implanted in another location, for example – as in the case of Crystal – in the breast.

In fact, she is giving up cosmetic surgery: the widow of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner

In fact, he wanted to do without cosmetic surgery: the widow of the founder of Playboy, Hugh HefnerPhoto: crystalhefner / Instagram

For Hefner, the operation ended with blood transfusions and serious consequences. It was months before Crystal could breathe easy again. And this, even though the pretty blonde had actually finished the cosmetic operation.

Since 2016, her breast implants have had to be removed due to serious health problems. And then, the model explained on social networks that implants would “destroy” the body.

Now Crystal Hefner writes, “I should have learned a lesson from this after my first experience, but I guess the universe always sends you the same lesson until you’ve learned it.”

With her bad experiences in cosmetic surgery, her former playmate no longer wants to be influenced by “over-sexualization” in the future. “Women are sexualized everywhere. Personally, I had the worst experiences with this. This is a big slap. ”

Crystal Hefner and the founder of “Playboy” magazine Hugh Hefner were married from 2012 until his death in 2017. He has been in love again for a year.

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