Friday , March 31 2023

Jogi Löw cheated a defeat when defeating Russia: That was written on his paper


Spiced allowed. In the German national team's test match, Joachim Loew draws a note from the jacket on the tactical notes. What the national coach can not know at this time: Several photographers capture the note so accurately that they recognize what Löw has noticed.

A clear thing for the national team in the victory against Russia. In Leipzig, a 3: 3 success. Jogi Löw is happy that his rejuvenation team implements his tactical ideas.

Defenders noted the coach on a note he took during the jacket game. Photographs captured Löw with the note, which stated, inter alia, that "The throw throws + the goalkeeper hitting", plus "aggressive start" and "closing the center in defense".

In addition, Löw noted: "transfer in own possession" and "short passes". In addition, Löw wrote in his note the points: "the appearance of the room", "the opening of the player – the crossing of the angle" and "the paths in the depths".

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