Friday , March 31 2023

Marianne Rosenberg was involved in a serious car accident


It was a shock for Marianne Rosenberg: the pop singer collapsed in another car last week. In the traffic accident, 63 was injured.

Another driver took the right way. Without collision, both cars should collapse in one another, as reported by "BZ". With ambulance, the former DSDS juror was immediately taken to the Emergency Room for first aid. The same day, Marianne Rosenberg managed to breathe again. The 63-year-old was released from the clinic.

The accident happened already Friday a week ago. The singer recovered from the shock at the same time, but he is not yet on the mountain. Depending on the circumstances, Marianne does well: it has medical appointments and will certainly be completely restored in a few weeks, "said Michael Klöckner of" BZ. "However, according to the newspaper, her partner did not want to reveal the injuries which he suffered because of the heavy impact.

But her appearance the next day that Marianne Rosenberg had to cancel. In fact, the singer was with Eloy de Jong on the "Schlagernacht of the Year" on stage, with him together their blow "love can hurt so much," she sings in the duet. "I want Marianne to commit suicide again because she gets sick quickly," said the 45-year-old BZ.

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