Wednesday , September 28 2022

Model Tesla 3: Premiere in Germany


Tesla Model 3 premiere: for the first time in Germany: Tesla puts model 3 in showrooms

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In Munich and Dusseldorf, Tesla will present information from FOCUS Online on Wednesday for the first time the 3rd customer model. The car will hit the German market in 2019 – the US has already blew light for BMW, Audi and Mercedes.

Are there long queues such as the introduction of a new iPhone? This is quite possible when Tesla presents its model 3 tomorrow in German showrooms. In the offices of Munich and Düsseldorf, the car is presented for the first time to interested German customers, as FOCUS Online has learned. The US manufacturer also informed the "reservation holder" of the presentation.

For the first time, customers can examine the cars

A vehicle is available for each showroom. Eventually it will include the all-wheel drive variant that came to market only a few months ago in the US. You will not be able to configure your machine yet. Also, a certain delivery date is not yet determined – but in the first quarter of 2019 it should be ready.

Video: Tesla Model 3 in the first test

German producers are now caught by Tesla. Although the car is not likely to be hit in the US, where the 3 model not only surpassed the electric cars and hybrids of the competition after initial start-up problems and quality fluctuations, but also leaves the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class top dogs. Growth rates for e-mobiles in Germany are still too low. In addition, Tesla's license numbers on the German market were the last in Sinfklug – but probably because many buyers are waiting for model 3.

But only the reform of car taxation, which favors electric cars in the future, could give model 3 an impetus. German competition – BMW i3, VW e-Golf, Audi e-tron – is either too expensive (e-tron) or comes in terms of range rather than model 3. Therefore, the number of new registrations in 2019 should be lower in terms of order number, but rather in terms of the number of cars that Tesla can deliver to Germany.

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