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Nazan Eckes at Bambi 2018: Slip-Blitzer makes ugly comments


RTL presenter Nazan Eckes raises her dress at the Bambi Awards 2018 in a little way – and offers unknown and probably unintentional information. Fans react very differently.

  • The Bambi ceremony took place on 16 November 2018
  • Bambi is considered the most important German media prize
  • A line of high caliber stars was in Berlin with her
  • For the 70th time, the prize was awarded in 2018 by Hubert Burda Media Verlag
  • In retrospect, the concept of changing moderators was confusing to the public

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The RTL presenter, Nazan Eckes, accidentally shows what he's underneath

RTL presenter Nazan Eckes (42) descended the stairs in an elegant evening dress at the Bambi ceremony in 2018 – raising her dress a little. Under the dress with big foot slits you could see her underwear. A picture of him was posted on Instagram.

Users react mixedly to unknown understanding. Some are not sure if she was deliberate: "Maybe she did not notice that she took the dress too high, who knows?" Some users are really shocked by the picture: "Are not you ashamed?" , asks a Userin. "Cheaper … well, if your career is in the autumn," "At 42, you probably have to behave like that," and "Safe search for your pants can be seen without zoom.

Others see the problem is much weaker: "I think it's perfect, Nazan can and can afford to look a little more," writes a user. And, "Oh, man, you see her pants, so what happened? Maybe it was not wanted, it does not matter." Always these negative messages, as if there was nothing else to upset.

Also interesting: Lena Gercke posted a photo of Christmas decoration on Instagram. The GNTM model does not carry anything under it?

So, incredibly, Sophia Thomalla jumped over Bambi

Update 18.11.2018: For the 2018 Bambi ceremony, all stars and starlets in the bowl. While Penelope Cruz, Thomas Gottschalk and Florian Silbereisen appeared in the best thread, it simply did not come: Sophia Thomalla. The 29-year-old slept quite tightly in tight sports clothes on the couch and watched the show on television.

She posted a snapshot of it on Instagram. Casually with a mouth in the mouth, a bottle of wine in one hand, a remote control in the other hand, the presenter put the invisible and wild on the photo. Among them she wrote ironically: "Bambi costume 2018 haute couture of @ saschagaugel Glam of @ christina_vacirca", and post still with #glamourous hashtag.

Sophia's fans love her for her humor and mentality: "Such a beautiful woman. Above all, rebels, authentic and harsh margins must be like a personality." I commented one, while another survivor finds: "Sock cool!"

Why did Florian Silbereisen disappear so suddenly at Bambi 2018?

11:16: Bambi and the day after … One is still a mystery to many viewers. Florian Silbereisen (37) took over the welcoming moderation of the Bambi show – but after his first short appearance he never entered the stage. Where is Florian Silbereisen? On Twitter, a heated discussion broke out: "And after the first five minutes, Silbereisen immediately thought this was moderate enough for today," a user writes. Other: "Has anyone seen Florian Silbereisen? He should moderate # Bambi2018, can not anyone go to the bar and look for him?" The wildest theories appear: have traveled with the kidnapped silver, died, fell asleep?

Video: Bambi stars talk privately about themselves

The viewers were apparently very irritated by the moderators who were changing. According to Florian Silbereisen, Kai Pflaume continued with moderation – and the net was surprised: "Florian Silbereisen became Kai Pflaume. Very strange," "The most important thing about # bambi2018 was the conversion of silver rice into plums." A user then gives a question a name: "And everyone asks: is there now" SilbereisenGate "?

The answer is simple and comes from ARD – even through Twitter: There was no permanent presenter at Bambi 2018. Various people should take up moderation, including praise.

The audience has clearly confused the concept: "Why is Kai Pflaume now? Where is Victoria Swarovski?" Where is Florian Silbereisen? And what did she do with Barbara Schöneberger?

Bambi 2018: Live Ticket from the Gala Evening in Berlin

+++ Welcome to the Bambi 2018 live ticker. Find out about winners and highlights of this year's gala. +++

11:04 p.m.: That's for this year! Until the next ceremony and good night.

10:59 p.m.: Now Mark Foster is allowed to present his new song "Once".

10:56 p.m.: Besides, here you can see the most beautiful pictures of the evening.

La Bambi 2018 LenaGercke flirts with Mark Forster

10:54 p.m.: Fluttering the alarm in the following category! Lecturer Lena Gercke calls singer Mark Forster "sexy." He also receives the Music National Award.

10:47 p.m.: Next Category: Lifetime Achievements. The prize is awarded to the Swiss Liselotte Sprayer. "The work of her life is a legend of the movie," says the praise.

Liselotte Pulver earns Bambi in the Life Achievement category.


10:45: Excellent performance by Dua Lipa:

Pop queen Dua Lipa.


10:39 p.m.: "I am so grateful, I want to thank everyone for listening to my music." The 23-year-old Briton will play soon.

10:35 p.m.: "Moin, moin." DJ Felix Jaehn comes on stage and presents a music colleague. The great moment that many have waited for came: Queen Pop Dua Lipa wins "Music International" Bambi!

The Bambi audience goes to Michael Schulte

10.30: Michael Schulte wins!

10:29 p.m.: The time has come: the audience "Bambi" will be given immediately. The "only" Udo Lindenberg holds this honor.

Bambi 2018: F1 star Rosberg honors "quiet heroes"

10:28 p.m.: The stage now belongs to former Formula 1 star Nico Rosberg. It is one of the most important Bambis ever: the Silent Heroes Award. The award is given to the "IntensivLeben eV" association, which takes care of the ventilated children and their parents.

10:20: "It's a great honor to be here," says the international film star. However, the Spaniard sends special thanks to his agent, who has believed in her from the beginning.

Penelope Cruz wins "International Actress" – Bambi.


10:18: The new category: "International Actress". First is the beautiful Penelope Cruz. Displays scenes from different Spanish actress films. – Mrs. Cruz, the world loves you. Germany loves you, "says Edin Hasanovic's speech.

10:09 p.m.: The highlight of the evening: the opportunity to fly a Eurowings flight to Berlin and stay in the first place!

22.07 watch: Comedy star Mockridge receives the prize. "Luke, in comedy you are – no joke – the greatest," read Ruth Moschner's praise.

10:03 p.m.: Next Bambi: "Comedy".

Bambi 2018: Babylon Berlin moves away as the best series

10 o'clock: And the winner is … Babylon Berlin!

9:57 p.m.: Continue with the prize. Next Category: "Series of the Year". Nominations: "Bad Banks", "Dark" and "Babylon Berlin".

9:53 p.m.: The Emotional Moment: Now shows the Bambi winners who died in 2018.

9:49: International star Alessia Cara performs now and presents his new song "Not today"!

21.47 clock: Surprise: There are two winners of this prize. Photographer Sebastian Copeland, who shook with a shocking message just before the ceremony, won our second "Earth" Bambi.

Bambi 2018: The chef is especially grateful to the director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

Time 21.40: Swedish explorer Johan Ernst Nilson receives the "Our Earth" award. "We have to solve the problems of the world today!" Nilson says in his acceptance speech. "We have no earth B. We humans are the biggest problem the earth has, we must realize that we are not above nature."

9:35 p.m.: The next Bambi has a special meaning: it's about the environment.

9:31 p.m.: Koch is particularly grateful to director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. For the 56-year-old actor, he is already the second Bambi: the first he dedicated to his mother, now is to stay with him in Berlin.

Sebastian Koch celebrates with Bambi.

© dpa / Jens Kalaene

9:29 p.m.: The winner is … Sebastian Koch!

9:28 p.m.: Next Bambi for the "National Actor" category. The nominations are: Sebastian Koch ("Untitled Works"), Kida Khodr Ramadan ("4 Blocks"), Peter Kurth ("Babylon Berlin") and Lars Eidinger (Mackie Messer – Brecht's Three Frog Movie) .

Bambi 2018: Udo Lindenberg appears

9:23 p.m.: Sweet performance by music legend Udo Lindenberg. He is accompanied by several children and adolescents. The theme of his new song "Moving to Peace" is the equality of the people.

21:18 watch: A special thanks to Pizarro in his acceptance speech addressed to his family: "I am known for my good condition, but sometimes when I return home and lost myself, my state of mind is not so good."

Without ribbon and without seals at Bambi 2018

9:14 p.m.: In fact, Franck Ribéry and Arjen Robben should have received the prize. But after the lame scandal, Burda decided against him.

21.11 clock: Continue with the next Bambi. Category: "Sports". Eulogia will be held by former national football player Paul Breitner. Peruvian Claudio Pizarro receives the prize.

Bambi consolation award for Thomas Gottschalk

21.07 clock: Liv Tyler comes on stage and console Gottschalk for losing his home. Therefore, the moderator receives a special prize from the jury.

Thomas Gottschalk holds the consolation award.

© dpa / Jens Kalaene

9:05 p.m.: Funny event: Sophia Loren does not speak German. Moderator Giovanni Zarrella has to help her and shout in Italian what he has to say.

21.01 clock: Sophia Loren herself has already won eight Bambi. Now a video about his career is shown.

8:59 p.m.: Thomas Gottschalk: "There are meetings you do not cancel." The TV artist explains his presence at the ceremony, even if his home in California is burned. Next to him on stage is the great diva Sophia Loren. "Oh, my God, he speaks and speaks," the Italian has fun with Gottschalk.

Paula Beer is "national actress"

8:56 p.m.: Bambi celebrates his 70th anniversary this evening! A video with photos from previous awards is now presented. Many celebrities such as Rita Ora, Jennifer Lopez, Jogi Löw and even Bill Clinton and Muhammed Ali can be seen.

8:52 p.m.: Actually, she's only 23 years old. And visibly upset while gratifying the scene for the prize.

20.50 clock: And Bambi is on … Paula Beer!

Paula Beer receives Bambi in the "National Actress" category.


8:46 p.m.: The third category: "National Actress". Four actresses compete for the prize: Liv Lisa Fries ("Babylon Berlin"), Paula Beer ("Bad Banks"), Claudia Michelsen ("Mackie Knife – Brecht's Threepenny Film") and Marie Bäumer (3 days in Quiberon) .

8:42 p.m.: Now the audience is being asked: from now on, everyone can vote for their favorite.

8:39 p.m.: The fourth and final candidate is Michael Schulte, who represented Germany at CES this year in Lisbon. He also sings his hit "You Let Me Walk On My Own".

Bambi 2018: Nico Santos is on fire

8:37 p.m.: Also, singer Lea is nominated for "Bambi Audience".

8:36 p.m.: Now is Nico Santos's turn. The second nominee plays his hit "Rooftop".

8:34 p.m.: Mike Singer, the first nominee to the "Bambi audience," presents his play on stage.

8:32 p.m.: Victoria Swarowski continues the tout suite as the second laudatory for the Bambi Audience category.

8:27 p.m.: It immediately begins with the first prize, which will be awarded tonight: The special prize of the jury is awarded to the German triathlete and to this year's Ironman Hawaii winner Patrick Lange.

Patrick Lange receives the "Special Jury Prize".

© DPA / Soeren Stache

Silbereisen represents Schöneberger as moderator Bambi

8:21 p.m.: Surprise to moderation: Barbara Schöneberger is prevented and is represented by Florian Silbereisen.

8:20 p.m.: "Take That" opens the show and even runs through the audience applause.

"Take That" opens the show.


8:15 p.m.: Time arrived: in seconds, start!

Bambi ceremony instead of the burned house for Thomas Gottschalk

19:59 watch: Thomas Gottschalk also arrived. Although the TV star lost his home in the California forest fires just days ago, he is in a good tonight on the red carpet. No wonder – it is accompanied by the diva Sophia Loren:

Thomas Gottschalk and Sophia Loren.

© dpa / Jens Kalaene

7:43 p.m.: There I am again: FDP Chief, Christian Lindner and friend Franca Lehfeldt, walk radiantly over the red carpet:

Leader FDP Christian Lindner and Franca Lehfeldt.

© DPA / Soeren Stache

7:32 p.m.: Besides, the show is open to British pop band Take That betrayed. Last year, Helene Fischer had this special honor.

Bamboo 2018: Rod Stewart is not there – injured in football

7:13 p.m.: Many fans were eagerly awaiting Rod Rod Stewart, who was to receive a Bambi category in the Legend category tonight. Unfortunately, the singer will not be there. He has hurt his football, he said 73 years ago in a video.

We want a quick recovery!

6:58 p.m.: DJ Felix Jaehn also arrived – with a completely new hair color.

18.49 clock: Celebrities go to the red carpet. The Franziska Knuppe model draws everyone's attention with a chocolate dress:

Click to see the entire dress.

© dpa / Britta Pedersen

18:32 Let's go! The red carpet in the Berlin Stage Theater has begun and the first celebrities just arrive. Anticipation among fans is great.

Bambi 2018 is the anniversary edition

Berlin – On the evening of November 16, Bambi, which is awarded every year by Hubert Burda Media, celebrates its 70th anniversary. The Potsdamer Platz Berlin Theater Theater Gala is considered to be the most important German media prize. In the run-up to the prize-giving ceremony, this year's Bambi 2018 has been aroused as two FC Bayern Munich football players will not receive the prize without any agreement. In addition, there will be some changes to the award ceremony in 2019.

Bambi, which is broadcast live on ARD, is given in different categories, which can vary slightly from year to year. For the best film, best actress, best actor, and best singer and best singer – national and international – however, each year a golden face is awarded. Bambis is also rewarded in the fashion, sports, politics, integration and entertainment categories. Some winners of the Bambis 2018 were announced in advance.

We look forward to these guests at Bambi 2018

Like every year, Bambi 2018 attracts top German celebrities in the fields of film, television, sports and societies on the red carpet. Seven Hollywood stars will again accept the invitation of the Munich media group. After all, according to the organizer, Bambi is "a point of reference for success and popularity in Germany, a platform for people and subjects that make our country special."

This year, Berlin's Bambi guests include Italian diva Sophia Loren (84), the legendary Liselotte Pulver (89) and Hollywood star (Penelope Cruz) (44). According to dpa, Cruz is awarded Bambi as the best actress and international powder for her work. In addition, singer Rod Stewart, Mark Forster and Udo Lindenberg are waiting. The gala is always accompanied by musical acts, this year the British singer Dua Lipa will perform.

Show Master Thomas Gottschalk (68) will also attend the Bambi Awards 2018, o
His house in Malibu burned as a result of forest fires. Instead of traveling to California, he still lives in Germany. Thea's wife said he should take care of his job in Germany, so Gottschalk is the picture.

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